Town Hall Tuesday – Week 76


As we approach ever closer to the end of the project, we have decided this will be the last ever update with pictures! We want to keep the final building a surprise so make sure you keep 14th -16th September free, so you can come and see the building as part of Heritage Open Day.


The last few weeks have seen so many changes and updates, that there is a lot to talk about in this bumper edition of Town Hall Tuesday…

The low level stonework is now being cleaned and repaired ready for the re-installation of the iron railings.

050618 ex fire escapeCT
We have received the first load of the natural sandstone paving for the footpaths surrounding the building. Because this is a natural product we use specialist material to prepare and bed the flagstones, each one has to be primed using a special slurry and this is bedded onto a compatible mortar bed. These are very heavy and need to be lifted into position using a suction lifter operated by 2 people.

050618 east pavement etc CT

The final finish will be a compatible mortar joint between each slab.
The new drainage has been completed and the covers will be installed along with the paving.

Ground floor

The pod structure has been formed and the plumbing and electrical supplies installed.

050618 store room GF CT 080518 e columns 050618 ducting CT
The IPS (Integrated plumbing system) panelling has been fitted to each cubicle and these are now ready for the toilets and doors to be fitted.
The glass sliding doors have been installed between the staircase and the main hall.

050618 glass doors
We have received the new oak cladding panels for the pod walls and these are now being fire treated before being fixed.

050618 wood for pod CT
Extra plastering has been necessary for the office and staircase walls as the existing turned out to be very friable and had de-bonded from the surfaces behind.

The lift installation has started and we are just fitting the entrance doors and lift car.

050618 lift shaft 2 CT
The new external doors have been decorated, fitted and are prepared for glazing.

050618 south door CT

First floor

The kitchen is being decorated and services installed prior to fitting the commercial kitchen equipment.

270318 ff kitchen
We have completed the new oak flooring to the civic hall and have started to re-fix the skirting boards. Following this, the radiators will be installed and the electrical supplies then fitted into the skirting boards.

050618 FF flooring CT
The pod is ready for doors and cladding (which is now being treated along with the ground floor).
Chandeliers have been lowered by 600mm and the emergency lighting has been completed.

050618 chandelier CT

New laser cut aluminium ventilation panels with a powder cutting have been installed in the ceiling to replace the old metal grills which were in very poor condition.

00618 FF vent CT


The lift motor room has been installed and cladded on the outside with acoustic panels.
We have fitted an automatic emergency smoke vent to the north dormer window which can be used to clear smoke from the staircase in the event of a fire.

180518 window opener
The plant room is fitted out and the BMS (building management system) panel installed.
Acoustic panels have been fitted between the rafters and you can really notice the difference with very little echo in the stairwell.
The holiday let hemp plaster has been painted and cleaned down.

050618 pulley system attic CT
Electrical supplies have now been installed including the new intelligent lighting system.

Final fittings and appliances are in place ready to be fitted.

050618 copper bath CT

050618 kitchen attic CT
New oak flooring has been laid and new oak skirting boards fitted.

180518 attic


Don’t forget to keep your diaries free for Heritage Open Days in September!