Town Hall Tuesday – Week 66


With just a few months to go, there is still so much going on inside the Town Hall, as the building edges ever closer to re opening its doors to the public!


We have cut the road back to the new kerb line and have installed the new road gullies for the surface water drainage. The concrete bollards have been removed and replace with water filled barriers, this allows for more flexibility to the working area and improved visibility for the road users.

270318 pavement

Ground floor

The new flagstone paving is being laid in the entrance area, clay tiles are used within the mortar to reduce the risk of shrinkage. This will have a carpet laid over the top but allows for the floor to be exposed if the building use is ever changed.

100418 new office flooring
We have started to construct the new pod and have now formed the external walls. The internal walls will separate the pod into unisex toilets, accessible WC/baby changing and a store. You will see from the photos that the walls are lined with plywood to allow for future fixtures rather than relying on plasterboard fixings.

100418 inside the pod
The track lighting to the main hall is being installed, solid timber fixing points were fitted before the ceiling was plastered to support this.

100418 gf pod

First floor

The walls have been filled and prepared, we are now mist coating in a similar colour to the finish. This helps to show up where further preparation may be required.

100418 ff mist coat

The carpenters are now re-fixing the door linings from the stairwell after these were removed to add fire stopping material behind them. The new kitchen wall is being plastered and we have fitted the new kitchen canopy. The plasterer is repairing the existing plaster coving retained where the ceilings have been removed.

100418 ff plasterwork


We are adding a special lime plaster to the dormer window cheeks and heads. This is a lime based product designed for use with the Aerogel insulating boards used to improve the thermal values of the dormer framework. You will see that a mesh has been cut to shape and temporarily fixed to the boards, this will add strength to the finished plaster.

100418 attic windows


Don’t forget that Baa Baa Brackley is on the 21st April at Brackley Old Fire Station, and Brackley Park. There will be live sheep as part of the sheep roadshow, the chance to learn to knit, buy from local craftspeople, get involved in living history and have your facepainted! All for free!

BBB 18 poster JPEG