Town Hall Tuesday- Week 64


It’s Town Hall Tuesday and lots is going on inside (and outside) those walls!


The drainage and new manholes are being installed.

270318 drain

Kerbs have been lifted to the west so we can widen the footpath here.

270318 pavement

The existing gas supply has been removed and we are now adding the stone sub-base to the east.

Ground floor

The paving to the main hall has now been completed.

270318 ground floor

We are decorating the new ceiling with casein bound distemper. The existing timber coving is being re-fixed to the perimeter.

270318 ground floor windows ceiling 270318 ground floor cieling


First floor

Plaster patching to the existing walls is nearly complete.

270318 plastering stairway 270318 plastering projector cupboard

The kitchen extraction canopy has now been fitted to the new wall.

270318 ff kitchen

The acoustic flooring is now complete and the decorators are preparing the existing walls and panels for finishes.


The plant room is being fitted out.

270318 plant room

The plastering to the attic is complete and we are letting it dry out now.

270318 attic 270318 attic roof

We have just completed the acoustic flooring and are now carrying out timber infills to areas that are impossible to plaster.