Town Hall Tuesday – Week 62


It’s already week 62 at the Town Hall Project!


This week lots has been happening as the building really starts to take shape and come together again.

We have now started the external drainage to the east of the building. This will now connect the internal drains which were installed last year to new external manholes. These will then connect into the existing foul water drainage which meets the main sewer in the road. The decorators have been preparing and priming the ground floor windows to protect any exposed timber from the elements.



Ground Floor


The paving continues, we have now reached the chimneys in the main hall and are working our way into the doorway. The sample balustrade panels have been fitted so we can review how this will look and how the pattern will run from panel to panel.

gf flooring

First floor


We have completed the acoustic floor and covered this with the 18mm plywood, this is now ready to receive the new floor finishes. The decorators have cleaned and mist coated the existing plaster walls with a colour that is close to the deep red found to be the original finish.

ff decoration 2

They have now started to prepare the walls for final decorations, lots of work here as the existing walls were quite poor underneath the wallpaper. We are now trying to match the existing colour.

ff decoration


The carpenters have started fitting the new oak panels to match the existing in the south windows.

replacement oak panels



The plant room floor has just been completed and the boilers have been mounted on the wall, we can now start fitting the rest of the specialist mechanical plant in here. The hemp plastering continues between the rafters, very tricky work trying to get a good finish and keep the timber structure clean.