Our Legacy – Friends of the Town Hall


Since the Town Hall was built, the community has been it’s sole purpose for being… Scroop Egerton provided the town with a new market hall back in 1706 and since then, the building has provided many community functions… police cell, civic chamber, magistrate’s court, dance hall, cinema, meeting room, council office, wedding venue… the list goes on!

The project has been all about restoring the building for the next generation of Brackley Residents and we want YOU to be part of it. Many of our residents have been part of the project already, joining in activities, events and courses to learn more about the history of our town, learn new skills or have volunteered their time to be part of the Town Hall legacy…

One of the original ideas from the Heritage Lottery Fund was that this enthusiasm for the project would not be lost once the Town Hall was reopened… so here is your next chance!

I am looking for a team of people to join the legacy group – the Friends of Brackley Town Hall.

The group will be in place to further the activities of the project, to ensure the heritage of Brackley continues to be engaged with…

Activities may include:
Ensuring regular tours of the building and town continue
Running events such as Strictly Georgian or Baa Baa Brackley (or others) once the HLF funding has come to an end.
Updating the website with news or research
And more!

The group will meet monthly (or as often as the group deem necessary) in the Town Hall once it has opened, although we will get together before the building opens to decide how it will work. I am keen for volunteers, residents, participants to be key to the group and help shape it to suit us and the needs of the town.

All of this will be done in conjunction with and support from the Town Council & Office.

Please do get in touch with Sally if you are interested in joining the Friends of Brackley Town Hall.