Town Hall Tuesday – Week 60


Can you believe the Town Hall has been being restored for 60 weeks now?!

Here’s whats happening at the moment…


120218 view of TH from bookshop no scaffold LC

Now the scaffold has been removed we have just started on the external works and are excavating the new manholes. The existing paving is being removed so we can install the new services and new sandstone paving.

260218 new manholes

Ground floor

The re-laying and pointing of the existing and new flagstones continues.

260218 gf

This is being protected with hessian sheeting and boards to prevent this from freezing and we will need to carefully monitor the internal temperatures during the ‘Beast from the East’ freeze that has just started. New lime (and cement based) products can’t be used in temperatures below 4C so we need to ensure that we keep a close eye on this to prevent any damage to the new work being carried out. The glazing has now been completed to the main hall and we have started to prepare the timber windows for decoration.

First floor

The plaster patching and new plaster work is progressing well, this is also temperature dependant and in a more vulnerable area.

260218 projector hole 260218 plastering stairwell

We have moved the plasterer into the attic area to start preparing for the hemp plaster until the temperature rises. The carpenters have started to lay the acoustic floor system which is made up in separate layers. The initial 3 layers include a separating membrane (with a perimeter restraining strip), an acoustic rubber and fabric mat then a glued tongue and grooved MDF layer. This is then covered with a plywood floor before the final oak floor finish is fitted.

260218 upper floor acoustic flooring


The boarding between the rafters and around the windows is now complete.

260218 attic window
The rafters have been painted with an intumescent coating and we can now prepare this area for the hemp plaster.

260218 attic

The plant room has started to be fitted out, the new distribution boards have been installed and the wiring is now being completed.
260218 plant room fit out