Town Hall Tuesday – Week 58


Wow, what a transformation! Over the last few weeks, momentous changes have taken place inside and outside the Town Hall, with the most noticeable being the removal of the scaffolding.

120218 view of TH from bookshop no scaffold LC

Two of our photographers, Linda and Paul, had the opportunity to pop inside late last week, and here is what they captured! Lucky pair!

12021 ground floor stone floor 3 LC 120218 archaologists plan gf stone floor 120218 different thickness of stone slabs gf LC 120218 internal gf LC 120218 services for new kitchen and bar PC 120218 two south doors with temporary doors PC

These pictures of the ground floor, show the painstaking process of relaying the flagstone floor… the archaeologists drew an amazing plan of the stones, as they were taken up last year and the ones that were good enough to be salvaged have been brought back and are being laid down in the same place that they have been since 1883! The stones vary in thickness, adding extra complications for the tram relaying the slabs. The lime base underneath can only be a certain thickness, so the thinner slabs are having other tiles laid underneath them to ensure the floor is flush once finished. Some of the old stones were too badly damaged, so new stones from a carefully selected quarry are being laid in their place, the finished floor will be incredible, what a work of art!

The mass of wires and pipes you can see, pop up in the middle of the floor and are the services for the new servery which will be there. Much better to have them in place before the patchwork of tiles were laid on top! You can also see that the southern most windows have been turned into doors, ready to be another way into the building. The doors you can see are just temporary, to keep the building as secure and as weather proof as possible!


170118 ff storage peice 170118 ff storage peice closeup 120218 back wall without panelling 120218 ff PC 120218 ff storage PC 120218 FF LC 120218 ff oak panelling 120218 old office wallpaper still in place LC 120218 view through to stairs from ff civic hall

The first floor is looking remarkable, with the civic hall really taking shape. The oak panelling which has been cleaned and restored immaculately is looking fantastic, with more work still to take place. The first floor storage has been built and is awaiting the final touches like doors to complete it! The ceiling has been restored and the light fittings replaced. These light fittings were given to the Town Hall in the mid 1990s by 37th Lord of Brackley, Dr H.J. Apel, so they have their own story to tell. Throughout all the restoration work, the old office wallpaper can still be seen in the new kitchen space and the red and white paneling in the door through to the staircase is still there, at the moment!

120218 WI and maypole LC 120218 war memorial and st peters stained glass 120218 twinning and tolerance LC 120218 steam trains and almshouses LC 120218 lake and jousting stained glass LC 120218 morris and CAFE LC 120218 funders stained glass panels LC 120218 front stained glass windows LC 120218 bell tower and guides windows 120218 arts and castle LC 120217 ff SW corner two windows LC

Here is a selection of the stained glass windows in situ, looking glorious in the sunshine! I can’t pick a favourite!

120218 view from attic window 120218 staircase into attic PC 120218 historic features attic timbers LC 120218 attic 120218 attic timbers LC 120218 attic timbers jumbled LC 120218 attic timbers and floor 120218 attic timber PC 120218 attic space 120218 attic ceiling LC

The attic is looking incredible now the plasterboard has been placed between the timbers and the timbers have been fireproofed and stained. Linda said she felt like she was standing in a building in Stratford-Upon-Avon when she took the pictures. What an amazing space. The floor reaches the sides of the building now, so you can walk right up to the windows, which makes the space feel much bigger than it ever did before. The window at the south  still offers some of the best views in Brackley!

120218 view of TH from bookshop no scaffold LC 120218 town hall from the west 120218 town hall from draymans 120218 stonework closeup LC 120218 scaffold nearly all gone 120218 scaffold nearly all gone south end 120218 hans apel and masons window from outside 120218 downpipe stonework wires LC

Linda and Paul also took the opportunity to take some photos of the outside of the building, now we can see more of it. The stone work is looking beautiful, with so much work taken to restore, repair or replace every single stone!

Just look at the difference!
Just look at the difference!

I cant wait to see what happens next!