Town Hall Tuesday- Week 54


Progress this week:

Ground Floor

The ceiling has been plastered so we have removed the scaffold birdcage. The floor has been cleared and the containment for the mechanical and electrical services is being installed.

170118 gf floor

The existing and new flagstones are now ready to be laid back into the original pattern. Existing flagstones will be laid on a lime bedding mixture, broken flags will be pieced back together, missing corners will have a tile repair and the new flagstones will be cut to fit into spaces where the existing were too damaged or missing.

First Floor

The chandeliers have now been refurbished and re-fixed. We have constructed the pod which acts as a store and a fire protected corridor, separating the civic hall from the Staircore and the kitchen.

170118 ff storage peice 170118 ff storage peice closeup

The timber panelling is being removed, repaired and re-fixed. This is a painstaking job using new cross-cut English oak to replace damaged or missing panels. We are preserving as much of the existing panelling as possible by repairing any broken sections and re-fixing.



All of the mechanical and electrical services have been first fixed which has allowed us to start installing the new plywood sub-floor, there are another 2 floors to go over this. We are now preparing to install the wood fibre boarding between the rafters and plaster this with a hemp lime plaster product. The plant room has been formed and plastered which will now allow the mechanical and electrical services to start here.

170118 attic ply floor


The cast iron guttering has now been completed. You will see from the photos that there is a small cable running behind the downpipes, this is the lightning protection tape which is connected to the copper tapes underneath the roof slates.

170118 guttering 170118 cast iron guttering and downpipe

We have installed a stone coloured net over the north pediment to prevent birds from sitting here.

170118 north pediment bird netting

You will note that the scaffold is being lowered in stages, this has allowed us to remove the scaffold ties from the first floor windows. We can now glaze these and complete the high level decorating before removing the rest of the scaffold. This will then allow the external groundworks to progress around the building.