Town Hall Tuesday – Week 53


Ground floor

Plastering to the ceiling continues, the cold and damp weather is affecting the drying times at the moment.

The electricians are mounting the new socket boxes and conduits into their finished locations in preparation for the flagstone flooring.

The window repairs are complete and we have fitted the new semi-circular louvre panels where the extraction from the ground floor pod will be connected.

New door openings are now complete and we have fitted temporary doors into the openings to help with the temperatures and keep the building secure.

First Floor

Timber panel repairs are progressing, the existing panels are being removed, repaired and re-fixed. The new timber installed is cross-cut oak supplied and moulded by our local joiner.

090118-ff-panelling 090118-ff-panelling-repairs
The wiring to the chandeliers has been installed from the attic space. We have installed a new fire detection system to the ceiling which is known as an aspirator pipe, you may be able to see small round dots on the ceiling photo – these are the sensors.

The existing fire exit has now been bricked up on the inside for additional strength and the new window installed and glazed.



The fire and acoustic barriers are now complete.

Services are being installed beneath the floor joists prior to us fitting the new floor.
The plant room has been built and we are starting to bring the new services into this room.


A trench has been formed for the new gas main to enter the building.
The stonework has been completed and we are now carrying out some repairs ready for the railings to be re-fixed.
We fitted the new flagpole!