Stained Glass Windows


All of our beautiful stained glass windows have been created by artist Rachael Aldridge and now they have been placed into the building and very soon we will get our first glimpse as the next layer of Scaffold comes down!

All of your winners are here, their original drawings or notes and the finished roundels… aren’t they beautiful?

The windows are listed in the order they appear in the building, starting with the front windows that face the piazza and working their way round clockwise.

  1. The Northamptonshire Rose designed by Stephanie Campbell

04-northamptonshire-rose northamptonshire-rose


2. Brackley Town Council (The three funders of the restoration project have a window each to recognise their input)


3. Magna Carta designed by Christopher Cartmell

03-magna-carta magna-carta

4. Brackley Through Time designed by Hannah Mason

08-fields-sheep-and-houses brackley-through-time

5. War Memorial designed by Debra Perry

15-war-memorial war-memorial

6. Brackley Morris Men designed by John Weaver

07-morris morris-men

7. St Peter’s Church designed by The Revd Nicholas Gandy OGS


8. C.A.F.E Designed by Ruth Harris

16-almshouses cafe

9. Tolerance by Maisie Walker

11-magdalen-school-college tolerance

10. Twin Towns Designed by the Brackley European Association and Suzanne Make

Two designs were entered to recognise the twin towns of Brackley so they were joint winners!

22-guides 23-twinningtwinning

11. Brackley’s Schools designed by Georgia¬†Coker

09-school-logos schools-in-brackley

12. Mary Leapor designed by Carolyn Hunter

19-maypole rosemary-leapor

13. Arts in Brackley designed by Sam Munday-Webb

06-arts-in-brackley arts-in-brackley

14. Brackley Castle designed by Jason Stewart

05-castle brackley-castle

15. Dr. H.J. Apel designed by Dr H. J. Apel, 37th Lord of Brackley

02-hans-apel lord-hans-apel

16. Brackley Freemasons designed by David Parsons

01-waynflete-lodge-masons masons

17. Jousting by Val Pendleton

12-jousting jousting

18. Feeding the Ducks designed by Abby Muir

17-c-a-f-e feeding-the-ducks

19. The Women’s Institute by Margaret Rogers

13-wi wi

20. The Maypole by Riley Bourton

18-feeding-the-ducks maypole

21. Brackley Almshouses designed by Ruth Harris

16-almshouses almshouses

22. Brackley Viaduct designed by John Bailey

20-mary-leapor trains-and-viaduct

23. The Bell Tower designed by Rhianna Cone

10-bell-tower the-bell-tower

24. Brackley Girl Guiding

21-viaduct-and-trains guides

25. The National Lottery, Heritage Lottery Fund


26. South Northamptonshire Council