Town Hall Tuesday – Week 50


Lots has been happening with the main exciting thing being that the top of the scaffold has come down to reveal the beautiful roof! What a fabulous view!

Thanks to Cheryl Torrington for this fab picture.
Thanks to Cheryl Torrington for this fab picture.

The Town hall even saw it’s first coating of snow…

Thanks to Linda Cataldo for braving the snow for this picture!
Thanks to Linda Cataldo for braving the snow for this picture!

Ground floor
Window restoration and stonework progressing well, we have now formed the new doorways and blocked up the existing.

191217-gf-window-to-door-work 191217-gf-office-new-door 191217-door-to-windor-gf
The ceiling is currently being plastered and we have completed the new lathes and first coat of plaster.

191217-gf-ceiling 191217-gf-ceiling-2

First Floor
Window repairs are complete. We are fitting the glass into the existing windows now. We have installed the new windows to the south and they are ready for glazing. The new roundels are being fitted along with the glazing. The old fire escape door is being filled in with new stonework so we can add a window in this location (re-using some of the original if possible).

191217-window-repairs 191217-valley-view-and-magna-carta-roundels 191217-town-council-and-county-rose-roundels 191217-snc-and-tnl-roundels 191217-roundels-in-situ 191217-ff-window-repairs

The plant room has now been formed which allows the electrical and mechanical services to carry on. The final few floorboards from the attic have been removed to allow the fire break to be completed in this area.

191217-plant-room-attic 191217-cabling-plant-room


Town Hall Heritage Group Meeting

16 Oct 18

A group for those interested in keeping the Town Hall heritage alive. This will be our first meeting (Tuesday 16th October in the Town Hall at 7:30pm.) The aims of the group will include communications, looking after the council records and putting on events or tours to celebrate the Town Hall and Brackley’s past. These … Continue reading Town Hall Heritage Group Meeting