Town Hall Tuesday – Week 42


It’s week 42 on the restoration project. The staircase and attic works are underway in earnest….

Ground floor – the fire break and timber repairs are now complete. We will need to carry out the final inspections and when the scaffold to the first floor has been removed we will be able to start the new plaster and lath ceiling.


Staircase – the main structure is now complete which allows us access to the attic area so we can proceed with the work. We are currently infilling the steel supports into the wall pockets with concrete which will secure the landings and create a background for the new plastering.

241017-staircase-pad 241017-staircase-treads 241017-staircase-into-the-attic 241017-gf-staircase

First floor – the repairs to the plaster ribs have now been completed. We are now preparing the ceiling for decoration using a casein bound distemper paint (made from chalk) which is less hazardous than a lime based paint and gives a breathable coloured finish. We have now installed the first-floor landing which allows the plasterers to continue with the patch repairs in this area.

241017-ff-cieling-repairs241017-plastering-underway-in-old-office 241017-marble-tablets-plastering

Attic – now that we have suitable access to this area, our fire specialist is now installing the new fire break between the first floor and the attic. This is a different type to the one used on the ground floor due to the size of the ceiling joists and the way we need the plaster below to breathe. The barrier is a blanket type which follows the line of the ceiling structure and provides a minimum of 1-hour fire protection between the floors.

241017-services-to-the-attic 241017-stairway-into-attic 241017-insulation-in-the-attic

Windows – our specialist has started the window repairs. The work involves removal of the glass where necessary, cutting out rotten or broken timber sections, replacing these sections with new oak and finishing off with a special resin designed for this type of work.

241017-window-repairs 241017-window-repairs-3