Town Hall Tuesday – Week 39


Last week was a very busy week onsite with the staircase really beginning to take shape and the clock faces being installed after the wind hindered us last time we tried on September 20th.

Ground floor:

The 50 x50mm battens are currently being fixed ready for the new plaster and lath ceiling. Whilst doing this the carpenter is also installing the 10 access hatches required for future building maintenance.

031017-gf-access-hatch 031017-gf-access-hatch-2

The fire specialist is about 75% complete with the fire and acoustic batts being installed between the joists to for a minimum 1-hour fire break and improve the acoustics between the floors. The mechanical and electrical contractors have progressed well with the first fixing of this area and are working alongside the fire specialist to make sure that all of the services are protected where they pass through the floor/walls. We have also carried out a few more stone tile repairs to the walls where services have been removed.

031017-gf-mande 031017-gf-ceiling 031017-services-up-to-ff


The steelworker has completed the lift shaft section as far as he can and is now attempting to install the stairs from the top down. You will see from the photos that this is very tricky trying to work around the existing truss and having restricted space on the ground floor. Each of the stair sections weighs up to 500kg so there is no way we could do this without the mini crane. A slow painstaking job but we are getting there…..

031017-workers-on-internal-crane 031017-staircase-stuicture-into-attic 031017-staircase-structure-from-hall-doorway  031017-internal-crane-inside 031017-internal-crane-fitting-staircase-from-the-top 031017-installing-staircase

First floor:

We have completed the paint stripping and survey of the existing plaster ribs to the ceiling and will be starting the repairs this week.


We have found quite a few dubious repairs to the oak panels now we have stripped off the paint, most of these are just pieces of hardboard (like you’d get in the back of a cheap wardrobe) and they are just falling out now. A lot of the mouldings below the window seats have been removed and boarded over with plywood before being painted.

031017-historic-hardwood-repair-panelling 031017-historic-panelling-repairs


The slating is now complete and the roofers are adding the lead hips, ridges and details.

031017-tiling-finished-east-elevation 031017-roof-rides-work

They will then spend a few weeks snagging the work to prepare the roof for final inspections. We are lead welding patches onto the existing lead ‘buttons’ as these had split and repairing where the old lightning protection tape has been removed.



We finally managed to get the dials re-fixed. We added a walkway across the temporary roof and extended the hoist to roof level, the scaffold had to be adapted in front of each clock face to allow the dials to be lowered into position.

031017-walkway-across-roof-to-fit-clock-faces 031017-tight-squeeze-fitting-the-clock-face

The final first fix of the clock will be complete today then we can progress with re-fixing the lead and mouldings around the spandrels panels prior to decorating. We have also re-fixed the timber scrolls at the corners so these can be decorated at the same time.

031017-fitting-the-clock-face-from-behind 031017-clock-face-back-in-situ 031017-clock-surrounds