Town Hall Tuesday – Week 31


Ground Floor:

• An insulating layer to the entrance lobby and office floor, containing a layer of glass foam insulation.

• Trenching has been completed from the north east corner of the building to install new service duct, the trench was filled in again afterwards.

080817-north-east-service-trench 080817-north-east-service-trench-covered
• New water, power and BT ducts have been installed
• Western power has started their works just outside of the site to meet our duct with theirs.

First Floor:

•The first-floor ceiling has had its first coat of plaster and it has been scratched to provide a surface that the next coat of plaster can adhere to. The second coat has been started and will continue throughout the week.

• Old glass windows have begun to be removed to allow for the stained glass roundels.


• The re-slating of west elevation is ongoing and is now near completion.

• The dormer window lead work is continuing alongside the re-slating

• The flagpole has been removed and the removal of the cast iron base is ongoing. There will be a replacement flagpole placed here, The old one was very damaged and had also damaged the stone that it was in

• Two beautiful urns have been made to replace old ones on the north dormer window pediment.

• The cupola repairs are ongoing

• The east chimney has been leaded, piped and the new/existing stone has been installed, similar to that on the west side that was completed two weeks ago.

080817-east-chimney 080817-east-chimney-flue-closeup 080817-east-chimney-2