Town Hall Tuesday – Week 29


On the Ground Floor…
• Mechanical and Electrical containment is ongoing
• Internal stonework repairs to the windows is continuing
• The new lift pit base is taking shape, the first concrete pour was on Thursday, the second pour is happening today!

• A Steel beam has been fixed to the south side of the ground floor to support the existing beams, as the old wooden columns are set to be removed to make way for the new doors leading out from the south end of the lower floor.

250717-steel-supportive-south-side 250717-steel-support-south-side-4 250717-steel-support-south-side-3 250717-steel-support-south-side-2

On the First Floor…
•A Scaffold bird cage has been installed in the first floor civic hall so that the ceiling can be re-plastered. Scaffold supports have been installed in the
ground floor to support the new scaffold to the first floor!

250717-birdcage-from-below-2 250717-birdcage-from-below  250717-upper-floor-scaffold-and-ceiling
• New stone lintels have been completed to first floor upper level windows.
• The removal of the old plaster ceiling has begun. The laths are being kept as they are still in fantastic condition – it is only the plaster that is being replaced.

250717-close-up-ceiling-upper-floor 250717-laths-close-up

(note that the walls are green – this was what was discovered underneath the wallpaper!

Up On The Roof…
• Ongoing tiling to west elevation

• Ongoing stonework to chimneys – what a difference!

250717-stonework-repairs-to-chimney-2 250717-stonework-repairs-to-chimney
• New lead coverings to west chimney

• Timber repairs to the cupola bell-cote are ongoing

250717-cupola-timber-repairs-2 250717-cupola-timber-repairs


Do you want to get involved in the Town Hall Restoration Project – apply to become a volunteer! With so many events we are always looking for more people to join our team! Email Sally at for more info…