FREE events and activities for all to take part in!


As part of the Town Hall restoration project there are lots of exciting free events and activities taking place. The events are funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the restoration project. Over the next couple of years there will be lots of exciting ways to get involved, have a look at the upcoming events that you can take part in:

August 17th: Painting restoration demonstration

Until recently, four paintings hung in the Brackley Town Hall and as part of our project we have had them restored. Our restorer, Mick Robinson, has completed all but one painting and is bringing them back to the Town Hall for one night only for you to see what a difference the restoration has made. All four paintings will be on display so you can see them up close before they go into storage until the building is ready for them to be hung again! For more information, please follow this link:


September 9-11th: Heritage Open Days

Come and explore the building prior to the start of the restoration project. You will be able to explore the dusty attic, see the building empty and some of the surprises we have discovered over the last couple of months. To find out more follow this link


September 23rd: Strictly Georgian Event

Ever fancied being on Strictly Come Dancing? Or fancied learning to dance like the Georgians did? Then this event is for you! Watch this space for more details of this exciting event!


October 5th: Lime Mortar course

Are you a builder or student, would you like to know more about working with historic buildings and the use of lime mortar? Sign up to this FREE course on the use of lime mortar at Anglia Lime. For more information, please follow this link:


October 19th: Living with conservation (preserving your home’s heritage)

Many of Brackley’s homes fall within the town’s conservation area and lots have listed status too. If you live in a home with heritage, this workshop is for you! Iain Soden, an expert in heritage, conservation and archaeology is delivering a FREE session to anyone who wants to know more about old houses, conservation areas and listed buildings. The workshop will cover how to look after your home and what to do when thinking about changing your house internally or externally. It is open to anyone interested in Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas, not just Brackley Residents. Only 20 tickets available! For more information, please follow this link:


October 20th/21st: How to look after your listed building (for Town and Parish Councils)

We are running a FREE two day course called ‘How To Look After Your Listed Building’. This course is for anyone who works as a clerk or council officer who looks after Listed Buildings as part of their role. The course will cover basic and more detailed aspects of listed buildings and how to avoid costly emergency repairs by managing maintenance. Attendees will come away with a better knowledge of listed buildings, their needs and a maintenance plan for their upkeep. The course will be led by historic building expert and consultant Iain Soden, of IS Heritage, who has worked throughout his career on historic, listed buildings and archaeology. For more information, please follow this link:


If you would like to know more about any of these exciting events or activities please contact Sally Munday Webb at Brackley Town Hall via:

Tel: 01280 702441 | Mobile: 07803519697