Town Hall Tuesday – Week 46


I’m afraid week 45’s blog didn’t get written as your trusty blogger was suffering from tonisllitis – this week’s bumper edition includes images from the last two weeks and lots of updates!

Ground floor

With the window restoration progressing well we have now started to cut out the stonework to form the new door openings. The existing ashlar stones which infilled the Georgian arches are being stitch drilled and then neatly chiselled to form the new openings. The existing stones are being retained and used to rebuild the wall under the old ground floor fire exit door. The plastering to the office wall is now complete, this retains the old fireplace and nook which were concealed behind the tiles in the previous ladies toilets.

141117-making-way-for-new-doorway 141117-new-doorway 141117-stone141117-internal-plasterwork-gf

First floor

The ceiling decoration is now complete and the birdcage scaffold has been removed. This will allow the ground floor lath and plaster ceiling to start.

141117-ff-ceiling 211117-newly-decorated-ff-ceiling-from-below 211117-upper-floor-birdcage-removed



The new joists are almost complete, we are now insulating underneath these and fitting the fire barrier to the existing central section. The wall to the holiday let area has been constructed.

211117-attic-works 211117-attic-stairs 211117-attic-partition-wall 0211117-attic-floor-boards


Window restoration is progressing well and we hope to start glazing in a couple of weeks’ time. The roof, clock tower and Bellcote are now fully complete and awaiting final inspection from the design team. The curved coving is now being prepared for decoration with a specialist paint.