Town Hall Tuesday – Week 43


Ground Floor

Plastering is being carried out to the stairwell and the new ground floor office.

Fire alarm cables and security cables have been installed into the hall ceiling ready for the new ceiling.
The fire barrier has been fully inspected and is ready for the new ceiling.
The site’s temporary electrical services have now been moved from the old electric meter and connected to the new one. We have now requested that the old mains electric be disconnected.

First Floor

The ceiling to the main hall is now being painted.
The service containment up to the attic is now complete and ready for wiring.

The window repairs are progressing well and will continue for a few more weeks.

011117-wondow-due-for-repair 011117-window-repairs-4 011117-window-repairs-3 011117-window-repairs-2 011117-window-frame-repairs-2 011117-window-repairs 011117-window-repairs-south-end


The fire barrier is now complete.
We have insulated between the ceiling joists.
The carpenter is now installing 2 layers of plasterboard over the top of the barrier and insulation to provide an improved acoustic barrier between the floors.

011117-attic-acoustic-protection-2 011117-attic-acoustic-protection 011117-attic-works


The roofing is now complete and we have carried out an inspection. The roofer will be attending to any defects identified at the time of inspection.


Heritage Open Days 2018 – The Big Launch!

14-16 Sept 18

Brackley Town Hall is re-opening after being closed for two years for an extensive restoration. Come inside and see the restoration for yourself. Have a nose inside the office, kitchens, attic and all the public areas for the first time since 2016! No stone, floorboard, window, tile has been left untouched in our ¬£3.2 million … Continue reading Heritage Open Days 2018 – The Big Launch!