Town Hall Tuesday – Week 41


So, we are now over half way through our fantastic restoration project!

The iron railings in front of the windows on the ground floor have been carefully removed and taken away for restoration. These were difficult to remove as they are built into the stone walls at the sides and held in place with lead at the bases in pockets formed for each rail. They were also incredibly heavy (just ask the guys removing them!)

181017-outside-wall 181017-windows

The new steel staircase is now installed and we are carrying out the final adjustments then welding the structure in place. The scaffolder has started to install a tower inside the lift shaft and the carpenter is forming the 1st-floor landing to ensure that the staircase is safe to use.

181017-staircase181017-lift-shaft-ff 181017-lift-shaft

The ground floor ceiling fire break is almost complete and we are now painting the exposed timbers with a clear fire retardant varnish to protect the structure and preserve any historic marks of the previous ceilings.

181017-fireproofing 181017-fireproofing-2

The electrical wiring is complete to the ground floor ceiling now, we will now move on to the specialist wiring of the fire alarm, security and data cabling.

The 1st-floor panels are now being repaired and any loose ones are being removed and re-fixed to make them sound.


The 1st-floor ceiling rib repairs are progressing well and we should have these complete and ready for decoration by the end of the week.


The roof is now complete and will just need some lead to the ridge added when the scaffolding starts to be removed.


Heritage Open Days 2018 – The Big Launch!

14-16 Sept 18

Brackley Town Hall is re-opening after being closed for two years for an extensive restoration. Come inside and see the restoration for yourself. Have a nose inside the office, kitchens, attic and all the public areas for the first time since 2016! No stone, floorboard, window, tile has been left untouched in our £3.2 million … Continue reading Heritage Open Days 2018 – The Big Launch!