Town Hall Tuesday – Week 40


We are now at the halfway point! This last week has been week 40 on site. Lots is happening, as usual, with workers, labourers and contractors at every level inside and outside the building.

Ground floor

Timber battens & access hatches installed and completed to ground floor ceiling, we are continuing installation of mechanical and electrical services to this area. Plaster patched works due to commence to walls soon and our fire specialist working through this floor has installed fire batt as a fire protection and break between floors.



Steelworkers are continuing to install the main staircase, stair sections have been put in and we are installing the top main beam near the attic area to then work our way down and install the landing sections from this. All padstones to support these sections have been installed with our mini crane driver is on site now to complete this area.

101017-staircase-view-1 101017-staircase-view-2 101017-staircase-view-3 101017-staircase-view-4 101017-staircase-view-5 101017-staircase-view-6


First floor


Plaster patching to the main ceiling is ongoing and repairs to the existing plaster ribs are ongoing. We are due to start patching the walls once this work has finished.

101017-top-ceiling-repair-works-1 101017-top-ceiling-repair-works-3 101017-top-ceiling-repair-works-2



Slating to the main roof has been completed, lead hips are 90% complete and all lightning protection/power has been installed. Due to commence the snagging to this area soon. Decorations are ongoing to the fascia and the curved decorative mouldings.

101017-lead-hips-to-roof  101017-roof-slates-top-view 101017-slates-and-dormers-on-roof




We have completed all the repair lead work to the clock tower. The carpenters have re-fixed the decorative mouldings back on and we are due now to do the final decoration. Bird protection works are ongoing to the clock tower and dormer roofs.

101017-leadwork-clock-tower 101017-leadwork-top-of-clock-tower

Town Hall Heritage Group Meeting

16 Oct 18

A group for those interested in keeping the Town Hall heritage alive. This will be our first meeting (Tuesday 16th October in the Town Hall at 7:30pm.) The aims of the group will include communications, looking after the council records and putting on events or tours to celebrate the Town Hall and Brackley’s past. These … Continue reading Town Hall Heritage Group Meeting