Town Hall Tuesday – Week 37


It’s been a busy few days, with the new staircase arriving yesterday which means work can now begin on this exciting instalment of the build!

Ground Floor

• The Staircase/Lift shaft steel has been delivered and the bolts installed to hold the legs.

190917-stair-case-legs-with-bolts 190917-staircase-uprights-in-place
• A small crane has been put in the main entrance to start assembling the steel lift shaft.

190917-small-internal-crane-delivered 190917-internal-crane-delivered-aerial 190917-internal-crane-in-situ 190917-internal-crame
• The building’s main services are ongoing
• The plastering to the ground floor main entrance is ongoing.
• Electrical containment ongoing

First Floor

• Services have been installed through the ground floor ceiling into the first floor.

• Paint has been removed from the first-floor ceiling rib.


• The east elevation re-slating is ongoing.

190917-east-elevation-progress 190917-east-elevation-progress 190917-east-elevation-progress-3
• The leadwork to the dormers are being finished.

• Leadwork to clock tower near completion.
• Bellcote has been re-painted, including the bell stock.

190917-bell-cote-and-headstock-painted 190917-bell-tower-repainted
• New lead details to bellcote.


Most of the past week has been preparing for the crane lift tomorrow, which will be lifting the clock mechanism, faces, weather vane and the bells back into the bellcote!

Heritage Open Days 2018 – The Big Launch!

14-16 Sept 18

Brackley Town Hall is re-opening after being closed for two years for an extensive restoration. Come inside and see the restoration for yourself. Have a nose inside the office, kitchens, attic and all the public areas for the first time since 2016! No stone, floorboard, window, tile has been left untouched in our £3.2 million … Continue reading Heritage Open Days 2018 – The Big Launch!