Town Hall Tuesday – Week 36


Work on site is carrying on at such a pace, it’s hard to keep up! Some of our photography volunteers have been onsite – if you want to find out more – check out Rachel’s Blog – it’s fabulously written!—progress-visit-6th-september-2017 Thank you so much to Rachel for taking time to visit, photograph and write your blog!

Here is what has been going on inside the scaffold this week…
Ground Floor

• Ongoing installation of pad-stones (how the structure will attach to the building itself) in the new staircase location.

120917-staircase-pads 120917-staircase-pads-2
• Started plastering the walls in the entrance lobby, office and lift area.

• Ongoing electrical containment – the electrician is installing draw lines which will help when threading the cables through the conduits at a later date.
• Fire protection is ongoing – fire batts are being installed and mastic to seal it in.

• Counter-battens installed ready to install laths for the ceiling

First Floor

• Ongoing paint stripping to timber panels (what a long job!)

• Carrying out a survey of joinery items to assess old and broken panels in need of repair and re-using panels where possible

• Setting out the new first-floor pod (storage for the hall)– The two lengths of timber attached to the floor will provide the base for stud walls


This is what the 'pod' may look like; a piece of furniture / large cupboard that doesn't interrupt the architecture of the room, while providing much needed storage.
This is what the ‘pod’ may look like; a piece of furniture / large cupboard that doesn’t interrupt the architecture of the room, while providing much-needed storage.


• Ongoing containment for the plumbing and heating pipes.



• East elevation re-slating ongoing.

• Leadwork to clock-tower and dormer windows ongoing.

• Cupola timber repairs being finished up – Columns have been supported by a metal plate which had been screwed into the post and painted over

• Cupola has been prepared, primed and is currently being painted.

120917-cupola-re-painting 120917-cupola-re-painting-2


Town Hall Heritage Group Meeting

16 Oct 18

A group for those interested in keeping the Town Hall heritage alive. This will be our first meeting (Tuesday 16th October in the Town Hall at 7:30pm.) The aims of the group will include communications, looking after the council records and putting on events or tours to celebrate the Town Hall and Brackley’s past. These … Continue reading Town Hall Heritage Group Meeting