Town Hall Tuesday – week 32


Your usual blogger Sally is on annual leave this week, so you have a guest blogger, Kate Pinnock today (one of the project team).

This week work has continued apace. We are very lucky to have many very specialist skilled trades working on site and their hard work can now really start to be seen, from careful stone-work repairs, to new joinery on the cupola.   As the project continues to progress it is particularly exciting that elements are now being completed.

Working alongside the trades are a team of experts who are ensuring that the building is restored to the highest standard and the historic fabric is conserved. For example, did you know that the team have sought advice from a geologist to ensure that where stones are replaced they are match as perfectly as possible? Or that paint analysis has been undertaken so that we know what colour the original interior was and the various layers on top of that?

The stone work on the east chimney is now complete and you can just about make out the new flues for the kitchen that have been hidden in the chimney to ensure they are not visible from the ground.


The roof work continues, the west elevation is nearing completion.


The cupola required a lot of structural work and these repairs have now been completed. The team have now started to fit some of the mouldings.

cupola-repairs cupola-fascia

The pendulum room is being repaired and insulation fitted.


New ventilation pipework has been installed to the clock tower and will be completed alongside the repairs to the roof.


The flagpole holder has now been removed from site for restoration which allows the cracked stone which held it in place to be restored.


A final coat of lime fibre chalk plaster has been applied to the first floor ceiling. Over the next week or so it will be trowelled to provide the final finish.


The team are currently fitting the restored opening elements of the windows to the first floor.


One of the most arduous, but most rewarding, jobs has been the restoration of the wood panelling in the first floor hall. Many different methods have been trialled and the team are now using a new method involving the application of lime putty and caustic soda.


A new electricity main has been installed and is awaiting a new meter to be fitted.


The lift pit is now complete and a waterproof membrane fitted. Adjacent to this the final limecrete slab has been laid in the Victorian extension, work cannot progress here until it has cured.

limecrete limecrete-2


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