Throwback Thursday – 1960 time capsule!


Yesterday, site manager Rob was called to the building site to discover that the builders had come across a bricked up cupboard under the staircase. The cupboard was behind the wall of the gents toilet and it seems as though when they built the toilets etc in 1960, they bricked up the under stairs cupboard. Once the builders took the bricks away, Rob found some hidden treasures. It seems as though the workmen in 1960 decided to leave some bits and bobs in the cupboard to be rediscovered one day – a 57 year old time capsule!

There was a large pile of logs, a finial off the top of the iron railings surrounding the town hall and two glass jars: one of which was filled with packaging from the era.

There is what is left of a bounty wrapper. You can just make out ‘creamy coconut’ and a red and white design.


A quick google search brought up this 1954 advert showing the same red and white design and the words ‘milk chocolate – creamy coconut’ on the side of the bar. Interesting that we now associate the red with the plain Bounty, but just a year after sugar rationing ended, Mars brought out a new coconut bar, and used red for it’s milk chocolate bar.

1954 Bounty advert
1954 Bounty advert

There is also a selection of matches and cigarette packets.

Woodbine and Robin Cigarette Packets, both dating from the mid 50s.
Woodbine and Robin Cigarette Packets, both dating from the mid 50s.
Punch Matches from the 50s
Punch Matches from the 50s
'The Ship' safety matches, also dating from the late 50s.
‘The Ship’ safety matches, also dating from the late 50s.

It seems the workmen of the time wanted to leave something for people of the future to find, which we did yesterday! What a lovely little insight into the building’s history. Amazing to think that these little treasures have been hiding beneath our feet every time we have been up and down those stairs for nearly 60 years!


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